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One of the key processes to make sure that pavement can stand the test of time is a sealcoat, which essentially serves as an all-weather guard against the elements that would otherwise cause pavement to oxidize, buckle, crack, and suffer from a greatly reduced useful life. Many of our competitors in Florida don't actually offer this service, largely because they think Florida's warmer and more hospitable climate means that the region is also more hospitable to pavement. As we know, and as our customers have often found out, that just isn't the case. Pavement in Ft. Myers, like pavement everywhere, requires this essential protection.

One of the best things about sealcoating is that it protects against more than just cold weather and long-term oxidation of the pavement. Those two services are essential, of course, since they reduce cracking and potholes, but there is much more that pavement needs to be protected from.

A proper sealcoat can also guard against damage done when a vehicle's oil or gasoline leaks onto the surface. Instead of absorbing those materials and potentially experiencing damage because of them, pavement treated with our sealcoat will wick the substances away and remain resilient for the long-term. It will also guard against UV rays, making pavement stronger and better looking for years after application.

We believe that a sealcoat is the key to long-term pavement durability and resilience, so we urge customers to get in touch with us right away if they need this application performed.

We offer a free estimate on all services, and we promise a much more affordable slate of sealcoat options than any of our competitors currently offer.

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