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When most people think about construction projects, they center on the structure being placed on a new piece of land. As any industry professional knows, though, it is the site development work that can make the difference between a long-lasting home or office structure and one that experiences significant problems and headaches virtually from day one. For Ft. Myers homes and businesses, our site preparation work is proven to be better than other local options, granting greater peace of mind and more long-lasting results.

We start out with every site preparation job by making sure that the property is cleared of any trees or other obstacles that might be in the way. When we've fully cleared the site, we'll next work on making sure that a level grade is available for any building project. As most people know, Florida developments require a perfectly flat grade for ultimate success, especially in areas where putting in a basement is not really an option.

With a level site ready to go ,we can optionally deliver any rock or fill needed for the job. We can also ensure that sewer and drainage system are installed ahead of the construction project, making it easier for the new facility to get off the ground and enjoy completion as soon as possible.

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Aspiring homeowners or business owners looking to build their own facility should get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss their needs and how our services can help.

We offer a free estimate to all of our customers, and we pair this initial commitment to value with friendly pricing and the best site prep work anywhere in Ft. Myers.

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